Irish Home Baked Biscuits


Well it all started with a statement like….”Remember when you used to bake those oat flapjacks ( we called them Crunchies ) … yeah and the choc chip cookies, and butter biscuits !!!”

“Why don’t we try them on the stand at the community market ?”

Well the rest is history

Fully approved by the health authorities, packed in cellophane bags to preserve freshness and with all the sell by dates and allergens detailed on the packs we now battle to keep up with the orders…….

We now do Chocolate Crunch which is two biscuits with a chocolate filling and supplied in a 100 gram bag

Chocolate Chip which is a sugar snack biscuit topped with sprinkling of chocolate – also in 100gram bags

Butter Biscuits – 100 grams with a warning – if you open the bag, they all disappear VERY fast

Big Smartie Biccies – Big Butter Biscuits with a sprinkling of Smarties.

Oat Flapjacks ( Crunchies ) coconut and oat biscuit with a crunch. Lovely with a cuppa or on their own. !00 gram bags

Then we have added Fudge… 2 bags please !  Again supplied in 100 g bags

Big Smartie Biccies
Big Smartie Biccies

Hide them away if you want some. that is my advice to you !!

Chocolate Crunch
Chocolate filled Coconut crunch biscuits
Biscotti biscuit with cashews and Cranberries
Butter Biscuits with a sprinkling of castor sugar

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