The walled garden at Cafe Paradiso at the end of North St in Chichester

Garden patio Cafe Paradiso Chichester West Sussex

is the perfect setting for a slice of their extra special chocolate cake.

Best chocolate cake Chichester West Sussex

Being Chichesters first original and strictly vegetarian restaurant everything is home baked and delicious.

Chocolate orange muffins Chichester West Sussex

If not the cake, their chocolate and orange muffins or warm blueberry scones served with butter are just as good.

Warm blueberry scone served with butter Cafe Paradiso

The menu offers an interesting range of herbal and fruit teas

Fruit and herbal teas Chichester West Sussex

As well as being vegan friendly and catering for celiac, dairy and nut alergies

Vegan mince pies Chichester West Sussex

The local pub

The last place I ever expected to find carrot cake was in a pub

Home baked cakes Chichester West Sussex

But there it was. What could easily be the best carrot cake in Chichester. As you come through the door and into the Woodmancote Pub. Nestled up next to the pork scratchings. Looking just like it belonged right there, beneath an array of wine bottles.

Afternoon tea Chichester West Sussex

But then they do most things differently. Almost verging on the bizarre.

Tea and scones Chichester West Sussex

Good food and hospitality that is slightly more expensive without being too offensive. I like different.

Bread and butter pudding on English south coast

Tilly’s Tea Room

Try some of the best home baked cakes in Midhurst and the South Downs

Home baked cakes Midhurst South Downs

Found in Hill House on Rumbolds Hill the homemade soups, savoury tarts, scones and biscuits are just as good.

Homemade Soup Midhurst South Downs

Tilly’s of Midhurst is a small family run tea room where they always add a little extra to what they do.

Home made cakes Midhurst South Downs

Four cake layers

A four layer chocolate fudge cake

Four layer chocolate fudge cake Selsey

Part of an artful display of cakes, chocolate and lashings of cream that is difficult to ignore.

Best cake shops Chichester West Sussex

These cakes at the Riviera Cafe in Selsey are big, bold and totally decadent

Pudding and desserts in Chichester ,West Sussex

Scones with melted butter

Hot cheese scones with melted butter

Delicious cheese scones Driftwood Cafe Emsworth

A good excuse to do a mid-morning coffee at the Driftwood Cafe in Emsworth.

Coffee and croissant Driftwood Cafe

Or a croissant with blackcurrent jam. It’s one of the nicer cafes I have found.

Best coffee shops in the South East of England

Situated on the High St in Emsworth they offer a breakfast morning menu and a light lunch menu from late morning. But it gets very busy at midday and I try to avoid the rush.